The forms listed below are the most frequently used forms. Log in to your account or contact us if you have questions about which form to use.


457(b) Participation Agreement (PDF)

Use this form to:

  • Enroll in the plan
  • Change your contributions
  • Select or change beneficiaries
  • Select or change investment options

EZ Enrollment Form 457(b) (PDF)

Use this form to quickly and easily enroll in the plan

Plan Document 457(b) (PDF)

Plan Document 401(a) (PDF)

457 Plan Amendments (PDF)

401(a) Plan Amendments (PDF)

Manage my money

Rollover/Transfer Request for Incoming Assets (PDF)

Certain plans may have special requirements. All information on this document must be completed and returned to Nationwide Retirement Solutions in order to be processed. If you require assistance in completing this form or need additional information, please contact us.

Use this form to:

  • Roll money over from other retirement savings accounts into your 457(b)/401(a) Plan(s)
  • Decide which investments you want the rollover money to go into
  • Decide if you want to enroll in Asset Rebalancing

Payout Request Form 457(b)/401(a) Plans (PDF)

Did you know you may be able to apply for a distribution on-line? Just log in to your account and select “Manage account,” then “ Withdraw money.”

Use this form to:

  • Select your payout options when you end your employment or retire
  • Request a payout
  • Stop current payouts
  • Change a current payout
  • Restart a payout
  • Defer payout until Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) is required at age 70½

457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan Unforeseeable Emergency Distribution Application (PDF)

Your employer may have specific rules regarding unforeseeable emergencies. Please contact your benefits representative for details or contact us.

Use this form to apply for an unforeseeable emergency distribution

Qualified Birth or Adoption Distribution Request (QBAD) form (PDF)

402(f) Special Tax Notice (PDF)

Review this form for information regarding special tax information for plan payments.

Manage my account

Log in and make beneficiary changes online.

457(b)/401(a) Plans Beneficiary Designation Form (PDF)

Use this form to make beneficiary designations or to change existing beneficiary information:

  • Select primary and contingent beneficiaries
  • Change how your money will be divided between your beneficiaries
  • Change current beneficiary designation(s)

457(b)/401(a) Plans Beneficiary Designation Form for Minors (PDF)

Use this form to designate a custodian to receive distributions for a beneficiary under the age of 21.

Direct Deposit Authorization (PDF)

Use this form to establish or change your checking or savings information for automatic deposits to your bank account

Federal Tax Change Request W-4P Form

Use this form to choose to have more federal income tax withheld than the standard 20%.

Arizona State Tax Withholding Form A-4P

Use this form to change your state income tax withholding.

PEHP Claim Form (PDF)

Use this form to request reimbursement from your PEHP account for qualified medical care expenses for yourself, your spouse or dependents

Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) Employment Health Plan (PEHP) Claim Form (PDF)

Use this form to request reimbursement from your PLEA PEHP account for qualified medical care expenses for yourself, your spouse or dependants

Follow this link to view/print information on how to notify us if you are going on military leave.

Beneficiary Claim Form 457(b)/401(a) Plans (PDF)

Use this form if you’re a beneficiary or an alternate payee, such as a former spouse or a dependent of a participant in the City’s 457(b) and/or 401(a) Plans:

  • Report the death of a participant in the Plan(s). Please remember to submit a certified copy of the death certificate if you are reporting the death of a plan participant.
  • Update your beneficiary information.
  • Request a payout.

Payoff My Loan (PDF)

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